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Ӣʻ - вʳ
ʳ staple food
׷ rice
instant noodle
ଷ curry rice
fried rice
׷ plain rice
ͷ glutinous oil rice
ˮ boiled dumplings
steamed dumplings
ͷ steamed buns
Ŵ׷ glutinous rice
±ⷹ braised pork rice
fried rice with egg
congee, rice soup, gruel, soft rice, porridge
ع sweet potato congee
crispy rice
± noodles with gravy
plain noodle
Ҷ tea eggs
Ͳ rape
̲(ݲ) pickle
ͷ steamed bread
Ƥ wonton skin
wonton & noodles
sliced noodles
׷ rice noodles
׷ fried rice noodles
߽ strong flour
С wheat
highland barley
broomcorn (kaoliang)
Spring rolls
ͷ Taro
ɽҩ yam
shark fin
ƻ daylily
spring roll
ڱ minced pie
Brown rice
sweet potato
Y fillet
bean jelly
Ŵ sticky rice
bird's nest
Chinese corn
meat balls
(ʽ) dim sum
ձ clay oven rolls
fried bread stick
²˺ fried leek dumplings
rice and vegetable roll
egg cakes
ɻ Ƥ preserved eggs
÷ prune candied plum
rice crust
melon seed
fish ball soup
ؕ meat ball soup
egg & vegetable soup
clams soup
ĵ oyster soup
ϲ seaweed soup
sweet & sour soup
wonton soup
pork thick soup
squid soup
֦ squid thick soup
bear's paw
sea cucumber
sea sturgeon
Ƥ salted jelly fish
shark fin
ɱ scallops
Ϻ lobster
bird's nest
roast suckling pig
pig's knuckle
ˮѼ boiled salted duck
preserved meat
barbecued pork
㳦 sausage
fried pork flakes
meat diet
ز vegetables
ط local dish
㶫Cantonese cuisine
ͷ set meal
ɰ casserole
chafing dish,fire pot
meat bun
preserved bean curd
bean curd
fermented blank bean
pickled cucumbers
Ƥ preserved egg
Ѽ salted duck egg
ܲ dried turnip
soy milk
soybean milk

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